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Hi everybody my name is Shannon May, I’m the author of Noah’s Ausome Adventures. I thought I’d make a video today to just let you know a little bit more about what the book series is about.

Our son was diagnosed with autism Spectrum Disorder when he was around three years old and since then I started writing stories about him, I know that all kids go through different challenges as they grow up but what I saw with Noah is that he overcomes his challenges in a very different way and it was just always so funny and awesome to me and I started writing about it.

We decided to have the one book illustrated this year and we also had it published so the first book is called “Meet Noah May”, his is where you’re going to be introduced to the characters, in the book Noah meets a little sheep from another planet, this sheep is actually his autism and Noah befriends the sheep and the sheep helps him just overcome his daily challenges, he gives Noah superpowers and Noah can overcome challenges in a different way.

The book is was based or was written for autistic kids but it’s actually also a really good teaching tool for parents whose kids are not on the Spectrum so they can learn more about the condition, they might have a cousin, a friend, a neighbour maybe a student in their class that is on the Spectrum and then this is also an a good way to teach them how to deal with children that’s on the Spectrum.

The book is available various platforms.

Amazon Kindle (Kindle Edition)

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Takealot (Paperback / Softback) –

Smashwords (Ebook) –

We hope you guys really enjoy it and we hope that you learn something from it. I hope to hear some very good feedback!