About the books

Noah’s Ausome Adventures is a series of books that illustrates how Noah, a little boy with Autism, navigates his life with this condition.

Meet Noah May is the first in this series and it’s all about the introduction of the condition to the boy. Noah meets an interesting character named Auto, who is his Autism personified and Auto helps him with everyday situations.

Noah is the only one that can see Auto. In the book Noah is the only one that talks with him and plays with him and they go on all sorts of adventures together.

Autism is a varied condition and not all children on the spectrum display the same behaviour or have the same challenges but with this book the author tries to illustrate challenges and victories that they have experienced.

The characters come alive in the book, beautifully illustrated by Armand Terzian, a local illustrator from Cape Town, and anyone who knows even a just a little about Autism will immediately identify with the interesting characters and beautiful illustrations.

A few sample pages below